Cossu Restaurant, Bar & LoungeCossu Restaurant, Bar & LoungeCossu Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

"...sauce accompanying the black and white tuna ($24), also featured a cunning deployment of cinnamon, a supple and sublime spice we occidentals tend to underuse. Here the cinnamon was added to a tomato coulis, with the result being a distant relative of barbecue sauce. The fish itself, meanwhile, was sprinkled with black sesame seeds, seared to order, and presented on a bed of saffron rice."

Paul Reidinger, Bay Guardian, Published 11/26/08

"The couscous itself was the lightest and fluffiest we'd ever tasted, with a moist texture and an almost buttery richness." "Cossu comes into its own when it edges away from the classic repertory. The pan-seared honey Muscovy duck ($26), for instance, was lush and tender with an underlying sweetness that married beautifully with its spicy apricot-cinnamon coulis and bed of pine-nut-ribboned couscous."

"...tuna tartare ($14), jazzes the creamy texture of the raw fish with capers and harissa (the Tunisian cumin-cayenne spice mix) and is served atop crunchy pita triangles: a marvelous treat."

Matthew Stafford, SF Weekly Reviewer, Published 8/27/08